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What is NASA FCU Mobile Banking?
NASA FCU Mobile Banking provides three easy and convenient ways to access your accounts anytime, anywhere: Mobile Text, Mobile Web and Mobile App. Regardless of the access method you use, Mobile Banking allows you to see your account balances and activity right from your mobile device or cell phone.

How do I use NASA FCU Mobile Banking?
NASA FCU Mobile Banking provides 3 ways to manage your finances on the go. Choose the way that best fits your lifestyle and your mobile device:

  • Mobile App Download the Mobile App to view account balances and transaction history, transfer funds and make payments to your NASA FCU loans. Plus, locate nearby ATMs and branches, and perform graphical analyses of your expense and balance history.
  • Mobile Text Send text commands to get account balance and history info quickly and securely. Even transfer money between accounts!
  • Mobile Web Use your mobile browser to view account balances, make transfers, find ATMs and branches on the go.

Am I eligible to use NASA FCU Mobile Banking?
All NASA FCU accounts enrolled in eBranch online banking are eligible to use Mobile Banking. Once your accounts are enrolled in eBranch, you are able to take advantage of Mobile Banking via Mobile Text, Mobile Web and/or Mobile App. To enroll in eBranch, visit

What login information do I use for Mobile Banking?
Your Account Number and Password are the same as for eBranch online banking.

How much does NASA FCU Mobile Banking cost?
There is no fee for NASA FCU Mobile Banking. However, standard wireless carrier data and text message charges apply; so please make sure you understand the terms of your mobile agreement before taking advantage of these services.

To which accounts do I have access with NASA FCU Mobile Banking?
You can see your checking, savings, certificate, NASA FCU loans and lines of credit, Visa accounts and mortgage accounts using NASA FCU Mobile Web. History is not currently available for Visa and mortgage accounts. Investment accounts are not viewable or accessible with Mobile Banking.

What happens if I lose my mobile device? How can I be sure my account information is secure if someone steals my phone?
As you would normally do, contact your mobile carrier if your phone is lost or stolen and they will suspend your service. A valid User ID and Password is required to access account information via Mobile Web and Mobile App. If your mobile device is stolen, no one can access your account information without your User ID and Password. Note: You should not store confidential information on your mobile device at anytime. Do not store passwords, account numbers or PINs on your mobile device. For extra security you can enable the "LOCK" feature on your mobile device. With NASA FCU Mobile Banking, your private data is never stored on your phone, so you can rest assured that your account information is not at risk when your device is lost or stolen.

What wireless carriers support Mobile Banking?
NASA FCU Mobile Banking is supported by most of the major wireless carriers. See our Compatible Devices & Supported Carriers List.

If I change wireless carriers, will Mobile Banking continue to work?
For security purposes, you will not be able to use Mobile Banking until you sign on to your mobile preferences and re-verify your mobile phone online.

Can I enroll in the Mobile Banking service using an international mobile number?
Enrollment of international mobile numbers will be in a future release.

Can my mobile device be registered for both my personal and business Access numbers?
Mobile Web supports multiple account numbers – simply enter your account number in the login page. The Mobile App (iPhone and BlackBerry) supports entering and remembering multiple account numbers. You can switch between the remembered account number in the enter-password dialog on the iPhone App and in the Setup screen for the Blackberry App.

Mobile Text supports only one account number per phone number. This means a member can only subscribe their mobile phone to one account number at a time for Mobile Text.

Is the NASA FCU Mobile Banking service safe to use?
Yes. NASA FCU Mobile Banking does not send or store any confidential information about you or your accounts on your mobile device.

What information does Mobile Banking store on my mobile device?
The only information stored on your mobile device is old text messages which do not contain any confidential information, but may have old balances in them (like an ATM receipt in your wallet would). To avoid storing this information, you should delete your text messages regularly, just as you would destroy old receipts. Please note, you should never use your mobile device's notepad or address book to store your login credentials!

After how many incorrect login attempts will Mobile Banking account access be locked?
Your account access via Mobile Banking (Mobile Web, Mobile Text and Mobile App) and eBranch online banking will be locked after the third invalid login attempt using either Mobile Banking or eBranch. You can reset your Password using steps 1 and 2 on the eBranch login screen. You will not be able to reset your Password via Mobile Banking.

How do I download and install the Mobile Banking App?
For iPhone®, simply visit the App Store, search for NASA FCU Mobile Banking, and download the App to your device. For Blackberry® and all other devices, simply visit on your device, choose the Mobile Banking option, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose the "For a richer experience…" link to get started. Follow the prompts for installation on your specific device. There is currently no Mobile App available for Android devices; it is in development.

Do all mobile carriers and devices support the Mobile Banking App?
Unfortunately not all carriers and mobile devices support the NASA FCU Mobile App. However, more carriers and devices are being added regularly, so if your mobile carrier or device isn't supported, please try again in the future.

Are there fees to use the NASA FCU Mobile Web?
NASA FCU doesn't charge any fees to use Mobile Web. However, you should contact your wireless service provider to see if any connectivity or usage rates may apply.

Do I have to be enrolled in eBranch to use NASA FCU Mobile Web?
You can use the ATM/Branch locator feature and access contact information for NASA FCU without being enrolled in eBranch. However, for security purposes, you must be enrolled in eBranch to access account information and perform transactions through Mobile Web.

How do I start using NASA FCU Mobile Web?
To get started, simply visit using the Internet browser on your mobile device, choose 'Mobile Banking' from the menu and use your eBranch login credentials to login. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your enrollment in Mobile Web. Then enjoy Mobile Web to manage your finances on the go.

Can my Mobile Web session time out?
Yes, just like eBranch sessions on your computer, for the security of your accounts, your Mobile Web session will time out after 5 minutes. Please ensure you are active on the site after you've logged in to stay logged in.

What can I do with NASA FCU Mobile Web?
Using Mobile Web, you can:
• Transfer money - You can transfer funds between eligible accounts, including transfers to make payments to your NASA FCU loans, lines of credit, Visa and mortgage accounts
• View account balances
• See transaction history - You can see recent transactions made on most accounts accessible using Mobile Web (excluding Visa and mortgage accounts).
• Locate ATMs and branches near you
• Retrieve contact information easily – View a quick recap of important credit union contact information in the event you need to reach us on the go.

Can I use my browser's "Back" button?
Yes, you may use your "Back" button within the browser interface. However, if you're trying to complete a transfer, we encourage you to avoid using the "Back" button and instead use the links and navigational buttons displayed on our pages. This will help ensure your transactions follow the appropriate flow and are completed correctly.

Are my transactions made using NASA FCU Mobile Web secure?
Rest assured that your Mobile Web transactions are secure. Our 128-bit SSL encryption technology safeguards Internet traffic for secure Web applications and protects your information as it travels from your mobile device to the credit union.

Can my account information be accessed via Mobile Web without my Account Number and Password?
No. For the safety of your accounts, we'll ask for your eBranch credentials any time you choose the Mobile Banking option from the menu at Only the ATM/branch locator function and publicly available credit union contact information is available without logging in.

What is a shortcode?
You can think of a short code as a web address for your cell phone. Instead of a URL such as, shortcodes are five- or six-digit numbers that represent a certain destination. 41411 is the shortcode for communicating with NASA FCU for account details via Mobile Text.

How do I know if my device/phone supports text messages?
The majority of all cell phones in the U.S support text messages, so the chances are good that your phone/mobile device is capable of sending and receiving text messages. To find out for certain, try looking under the messaging options menu on your mobile device or phone, or contact your mobile service provider. Please refer to the next question for more information about your ability to participate in NASA FCU Mobile Text.

What do I need to be eligible to enroll in Mobile Text?
You will need a personal or business account with NASA FCU that's enrolled in eBranch online banking and a mobile device (cell phone) with the ability to send and receive text messages.

I sent a command to NASA FCU at 41411, but didn't receive a response?
You must enroll in NASA FCU Mobile Text before receiving account information from commands sent to NASA FCU at 41411.

Enrolling in NASA FCU Mobile Text is quick and easy and can be done one of two ways:

  1. If you have mobile browser access on your mobile device, visit, choose Mobile Banking and use your eBranch credentials to login to Mobile Web. (If this is your first time using Mobile Web, follow the prompts to enroll.) Once you're logged into your account via Mobile Web, choose the Mobile Text Settings menu option. Then, follow the prompts for adding a phone and enrolling in Mobile Text OR
  2. Log into eBranch online banking using your computer and choose Mobile Banking from the left menu. Then choose the Enroll option under the Mobile Text section and follow the prompts to enroll you phone.

It's that easy, and you'll be able to enjoy Mobile Text instantly!

If you have already enrolled in NASA FCU Mobile Text via eBranch or Mobile Web, and didn't receive a response to your text command, please try again. If you still do not receive a response, contact us at or call 301-249-1800, ext. 805 for assistance.

Do I have to worry about fake text messages trying to get my account information, i.e. Smishing?
To avoid falling victim to texting scams, please remember:

• You will only receive text messages from NASA FCU that you initiate via Mobile Text or setup via eAlerts
• Keep NASA FCU's short code 41411 in your address book so that when you get a text message from NASA FCU, you will see the NASA FCU name.
• Make sure you know who has sent you any message - if in doubt, delete it.
• Never click on any links if you are not sure of the sender.

Never send any confidential information to anyone via text message. NASA FCU will never ask you to provide personal account information in a text message. We will also never instruct you to visit any links to provide information that we already have.

What should I do if I receive a text message that I do not think is from NASA FCU?
If you receive a text message that you suspect is not from NASA FCU you should contact us as soon as possible at 1-888-NASA-FCU (627-2328) to speak with a member service representative. Please do not respond to the text message or delete it until you have spoken to a NASA FCU representative in order to verify the authenticity of the message.

I have a prepaid plan. Can I use Mobile Text?
NASA FCU Mobile Text will work with most prepaid plans, but we are unable to guarantee that your carrier supports the six-digit U.S. shortcode 41411 (NASACU (627228)).

How do I remove a phone from NASA FCU Mobile Text?
There are 3 ways to remove a phone from NASA FCU Mobile Text:

1. Send the command NASA QUIT to 41411 or
2. Login to eBranch online banking and choose Mobile Banking from the left menu. Then choose the "Remove Phone" option for the appropriate phone number and click OK to complete the phone removal or
3. If you have a mobile browser on your device, visit, choose Mobile Banking and login to Mobile Web. Then, choose the Mobile Text Settings menu option and select the Remove Phone option for the appropriate phone number.

Regardless of the way you remove the phone from Mobile Text, once the removal is successful, you'll receive a confirmation text.

Can I re-enroll a phone for Mobile Text after removing it?
Yes. You can re-enroll a phone any time one of 2 ways:
1. Login to eBranch and choose Mobile Banking from the left menu. Then enter your mobile device carrier and phone number information and follow the enrollment prompts.
2. Or, if you have a mobile browser on your device, visit, choose Mobile Banking and login to Mobile Web. Then, select the Mobile Text Settings menu option and choose "Add Phone" to begin enrollment.

Is Mobile Text secure?
Yes, NASA FCU is dedicated to protecting your personal and account information. We use a variety of technologies, procedures, and programs that help ensure that all of our products and services remain secure. In addition, Mobile Text messages do not disclose any information that can be used to steal your identity or commit fraud. We only use truncated account numbers (e.g., xxxxxx1234 instead of your entire account number) or nicknames in our texts.
Sending Text Messages to NASA FCU at 41411

Where do I send my account inquiries?
Send your text message to the six-digit U.S. shortcode 41411. Note: You may want to add 41411 to your contact list in your mobile device for easy access and recognition when receiving a text message from NASA FCU.

Is Mobile Text case-sensitive?
No. Whether you type "NASA B" or "nasa b," we will send your account balance to you via text message.

Can I create unique account nicknames for Mobile Text?
Not at this time.

What commands do I use for Moblie Text?
The following commands are available for use with NASA FCU at the 41411 shortcode:

NASA B: receive available balances for all your accounts
NASA H: receive recent transaction history for all your accounts
NASA H acct: receive recent transaction history for an account you specify
NASA X Source acct Destination acct Amount: make an immediate transfer in the amount specified the source account to the destination account (eg. NASA X S01 L20 100.50 to transfer $100.50 from S01 to L20)
NASA QUIT: unsubscribe
NASA HELP: receive a list of these commands for future reference

What would a typical Mobile Text command to NASA FCU look like? What would a typical response look like?
Please note that the actual formatting (including line breaks, word wrapping, and other formatting considerations) are dependent upon the display of your mobile device. The following examples are merely displayed to show the content and possible formatting of the message:

Example 1: I want to get my balance for all of my accounts via Mobile Text
Command: NASA B
Expected Response:
From: 41411

S00: $1004.34
S01: $12,345.09
S16: $281.45

Example 2: Get recent transactions for my accounts
Command: NASA H
Expected Response:
From: 41411

07/16 S16 ($10.23) FRESH MART
07/15 S16 ($50.00) CHECK #701
07/14 S00 $46.87 Share Deposit
07/14 S16 $210.54 Share Deposit
07/12 L20 $325.00 Payment

Example 3: Transfer $400 from Checking (S16) to Savings (S00)
Command: NASA X S16 S00 400
Expected Response:
From: 41411
Transfer of $400 from S16 to S00 completed.

New balances:
S16: $368.23
S00: $12,295.67

Do you have any helpful tips regarding how to format text messages to send to NASA FCU?
Avoid using a signature. Many cell phones and mobile devices have the capability of attaching a signature to your outgoing text messages, similar to the feature found in many email programs. Please remove the signature from any text messages you send to NASA FCU at 41411 (NASACU (627228)) for the best results.

Avoid replying to a previous NASA FCU Mobile Text message unless you're asked to do so. It is possible that when you "Reply" to any of your previous NASA FCU Mobile Text messages, that your message may carry additional text that isn't visible to you while you are creating it, but may make it unreadable to the NASA FCU Mobile Text service. For the best possible results, always send new text messages to NASA FCU at 41411 (NASACU (627228)) as opposed to replying from previous text messages.

What does it mean when I see "1/2" on my screen?
"1/2" means you are reading the first message in a series of two messages. We label this as "1/2" to ensure you will read your text messages in the correct order. We do this because sometimes mobile providers may occasionally deliver text messages out of order, so we number them so you can understand the correct sequence of the messages being sent to you.

My results were sent as multiple messages. Some messages arrived first. Why did it take so much longer for the others to arrive?
Depending on your mobile provider, it may take some time for text messages to be delivered. If you receive one message, it means that we've sent all the messages to you and you should receive them shortly. It may take a few minutes for you to receive them all.

Why are my results sent as multiple messages?
Each response you receive from NASA FCU may vary in size because all text messages are limited to 160 characters. Sometimes NASA FCU can't send all of your account information in one message because it exceeds the 160-character limit. In this case, NASA FCU will send your account information over multiple messages.