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Introducing the MedicAlert Platinum Advantage Rewards Credit Card

Save lives

The MedicAlert Foundation is committed to the health and well-being of all our members, as well as those in need through sponsored memberships.
Now with the MedicAlert Platinum Advantage Credit Card, you can help those who need our MedicAlert support services but can’t afford to join. Get the MedicAlert Credit Card — and every time you use it, a contribution will be made to help those less fortunate.

Save money 

  • No annual fee No balance transfer fee
  • 7.9% APR* balance transfers for life
  • 1 rewards point for every $1 in purchases
  • Earn double points for all medical purchases, including all drugstore purchases, doctor visits, prescriptions, medical services, supplies, and your MedicAlert membership and ID products. 
  • Redeem points to automatically pay for your membership renewal each year, to make a donation, or even to purchase new MedicAlert ID products. You can also use your points for travel, merchandise, or gift cards.

The nonprofit MedicAlert Foundation has provided free memberships and medical ID products for more than 150,000 less fortunate individuals, as well as free education to more than 250,000 first responders. By signing up and using the MedicAlert Credit Card, you can help us make an even greater impact.

*MedicAlert Platinum Advantage Rewards Terms and Conditions

MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. 
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