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Home Equity


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Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit are a smart way to consolidate debt, make home improvements, and pay for education or unexpected expenses.

Home Equity Loan

A Home Equity Loan is ideal for a one-time borrowing need and offers predictable, fixed payments for the term of the loan.

  • Fixed Rates as low as 4.25% APR1 for a 60-month term2
  • Up to 95% of your home’s value
  • A one-time payout to get your money up front
  • Loan amounts up to $250,000
  • No points, closing costs3 or fees

Home Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit is best for ongoing borrowing needs like a series of home improvements, college tuition or credit reserve for unexpected expenses. 

  • Variable rates as low as 4.75% APR4
  • Easy access to funds anytime with online banking or convenience checks
  • Credit Lines up to $250,000
  • No points, closing costs3 or fees

1 Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on evaluation of applicant's credit and on associated loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. Your actual APR may vary.

2 Fixed Equity Loan Example: A $50,000 loan at 4.25% APR for 60 months would have an estimated monthly payment of $926.48.

3 No closing cost offer available one time only per property and for primary residence only. Closing costs must be repaid if line is closed before 36 months. For loan amounts of $100,000, closing costs typically range between $1,200 and $2,100. Closing costs can vary based on the location of the property and the amount of the Loan. 

4 Variable rate as low as Prime minus 0.25%. 4.00% Floor Rate regardless of a lower Prime Rate. The APR is a variable rate and is based on the Prime rate as disclosed in The Wall Street Journal plus or minus a margin based on your credit history. The rate is subject to change. Maximum APR is 18%. Payment Example: A $100,000 loan at 4.75% APR for 20 years would have an estimated payment of $646.22.


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