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Collateral Insurance Tracking Center

We've partnered with an outside organization to help administer the collateral protection insurance element of our loan program. With this organization, we have formed the NASA Federal Credit Union Insurance Tracking Center. Located in Lenexa, KS, this entity will help the Credit Union request, record and maintain insurance records on collateral used for most types of loans.

When you take out a loan and use collateral (such as a car loan), it's wise to protect your investment by obtaining physical damage insurance coverage.

Your insurance coverage should have the following minimum requirements:

  • Maximum deductible of $1,000
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage (for physical damage)
  • NASA Federal Credit Union is named as the lien holder or loss payee
  • Continuous coverage with no lapses

If you have a Loan Agreement with NASA FCU, you are required to keep your collateral continuously insured against physical damage losses during the entire term of your loan.

Respond online using a secure form. To respond to the letter you received, please include by mail or fax:

  • Lender ID 2318
  • Notice ID (located on the letter received)
  • Insurance Carrier Name
  • Policy Number
  • Agent Name
  • Phone Number

Please note that we are unable to accept an insurance ID card as it does not contain all the required information.

Use one of the methods below to send your information:

Mail: NASA Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 15449
Lenexa, KS 66285-5449

Fax: 1-913-268-3178
Phone: 1-800-476-7330
(24-Hour Service)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and prompt response. Please call
NASA FCU at 301-249-1800, ext. 857, if you have any questions.


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