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Chip Card



NASA Federal credit and debit cards now include embedded computer chip technology to protect you from unauthorized purchases—every time you use your card. As always, NASA Federal is committed to your security.

Improved Security to Combat Fraud

Credit card fraud is on the rise. In fact, fraud associated with U.S.-issued cards increased by 70 percent between 2004 and 2010.1

Chip cards are becoming standard in the U.S. to reduce fraud and help protect your card accounts.

Wider Acceptance

Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and South America have already embraced chip technology—making them easier to use when traveling outside the U.S.

How Chip Cards Work

Chip cards provide an added layer of security that is difficult to copy, making it safer for you. When you make an in-store purchase, the chip creates a unique code that validates the transaction.

Along with chip technology, your NASA Federal card also includes Visa Zero Liability Protection* to protect you.

See Chip Card Technology In Action

Using Your Chip Card is Easy

Insert your card in the front of the chip card reader, with the chip facing up. (You will not need to swipe the card.)

Keep your card in the terminal and provide your signature or PIN when prompted. Some transactions may not require either of these.

Wait for the transaction to process and the terminal to indicate it’s complete before removing your card.

Some U.S. merchants won’t have the new chip card reader right away. That’s why NASA Federal credit and debit cards still include a magnetic stripe for traditional readers.

Chip Card Tip

If you’ve received a new NASA Federal card with chip technology, remember to update your expiration date and three digit security code (commonly called a CVV) with any online or offline merchants who bill your card on a monthly basis.


More questions? Check out our Chip Card FAQs.

1“The EMV Chip Card Transition: Background, Status, and Issues for Congress”

*U.S.-issued cards only. Zero Liability Protection does not apply to ATM transactions or PIN transactions not processed by Visa, as applicable.