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Share Certificates

Certificates are safe, stable savings options that allow you to lock in a fixed dividend rate for the term of the certificate. They generally offer a higher dividend rate than Savings or Money Market accounts.

  • Flexible terms from 6 months to 5 years
  • Guaranteed rate of return for term
  • Borrow against your funds with a Certificate Loan

Early Savers Certificates

Give your children’s future a strong start with an Early Savers Certificate. The Early Savers Certificate offers benefits such as:

  • Open with only $50
  • Additional contributions accepted during term
  • Available for members age 23 and under*

Add-On Certificates

If you're looking to build your savings but don't have a lot to deposit, the Add-On Certificate is your best option. It requires a lower minimum balance than a share certificate and allows you to make additional deposits during the term.

  • Low $250 deposit to open
  • Short, 12-month term
  • Ability to add up to $2,500 per month

Premier Bump-Rate Certificates                                   

If you're afraid to tie up your money in a long-term account, a Bump-Rate Certificate is your best choice. It gives you the flexibility to increase to a higher rate should rates go up during the term of your certificate.

  • $1,000 minimum deposit to open
  • One time interest rate increase during the term of your certificate
  • 24 and 36 month terms available

*Upon age 24, certificate rolls to a standard 12-month term

Certificate Terms & Conditions


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